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what to use??

Discussion in 'Digital Printing' started by signwizz, Dec 20, 2009.

  1. signwizz

    signwizz Active Member

    i have to print some wall graphics for a kids room but they want them to be removeable or repositionable what would u suggest from oracal i would assume 3268 or 3628 lmk from your experience what is best
    thaanx shane
  2. ABCPrinting

    ABCPrinting New Member

    Jan 20, 2008
    Courtenay, BC
    Use PhotoTex. It's a fabric, not a vinyl. Very easy to apply and reposition.
  3. Yes sir - if you can use a fabric, PhotoTex is great (a bit pricey).

    Also Sihl's SyntiSol (polypro) w/ EasyTak adhesive is great - just a little tough to pull off the liner.

    GMI's 6 mil wall graphic is our most popular wall media -

    Just make sure you take the correct steps when prepping the suface and printing/cutting the media.
  4. Circleville Signs

    Circleville Signs Very Active Member

    Sep 30, 2009
    Circleville, OH
    MacTac Noodle.

  5. OCsteve

    OCsteve Member

    Jan 1, 2009
    We have never had any luck with repositionable wall material. They all seem to curl. The one that seemed to be the best was a Flexcon product but it pulled off the paint when we tried to remove. Fortunately, this was a test in our shop and not in someones home.
  6. I think leaving a unprinted border is they key - even the real Fathead has one. If you must cut into the print/ink, let the print cure a full 24 hours before cutting.

    Inks (even OEM) can attack adhesives and cause media to curl (more so in dark areas).

    We have also found that a controlled climate is important.....if its an environment that changes often curling can be an issue for sure.

    Wall Noodle scares me....lol.
  7. Monsterkidz

    Monsterkidz Member

    Sep 20, 2008
    We print to the edge all the time with Photo Tex. Never had an issue with edge curl.
    One is our shop sample that we constantly reposition when showing clients the product. This has been up for 2 years and has been removed and re-stuck 100's of times.

    Anotherexample would be graphics we did for a high-end condo complex in their demo apartment. We covered full walls in there and no edge curl after about a year.

    No laminate on either application.

    We have used to cheapo stuff an always leave a unprinted border around that stuff.
  8. d fleming

    d fleming Very Active Member

    Nov 28, 2007
    Middleburg, Florida
    Phototex. I won't use anything else on a wall mural.
  9. Yup good stuff...one reason it stays down so well is because its a fabric and not a vinyl (all vinyl shrinks). I've taken PhotoTex - balled it up and put it in my pocket, taken it out, opened it back up and restuck it with no issues! The stuff is nuts, and the Pigment version sticks even better than the Solvent version.

    If the customer will take a fabric it is the best stuff.

    Sihls Polypro is a synthetic vinyl - so no shrinkage like the calendared stuff. It comes in slightly less price than the PhotoTex. Of all the other products, the GMI is the best performing product I have found for the price.
  10. jfiscus

    jfiscus Map Wraster

    Apr 2, 2009
    Cincinnati, OH
    I like the GMI for colorful wall graphics like fathead style. The phototex just looks too washed out for that use, however it is great for many other uses & I love how it never lifts or curls.
  11. ALS_WideFormat

    ALS_WideFormat New Member

    Oct 16, 2009
    I'm a product manager for distributor and I've tested almost all of these products on walls inside my building. the Oracal, Avery, Mactac and Arlon all gave me issues when moving their positions from wall to wall. Most pulled the paint off the wall in spots and most did not curl when leaving a white border, but all of them failed when printing and cutting directly to the inked areas. the best material i tried was a product from Catalina that is branded by GMI and other Distributors also brand it under their private label media.

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