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When Is Will The New Flexi Be Released?

Discussion in 'Flexi' started by choucove, May 6, 2008.

  1. choucove

    choucove Active Member

    Feb 25, 2008
    The most recent edition of Flexi, 8.5v1 is having an update released, v2, soon I have heard. But what do you believe will be the estimated time line for releasing the new Flexi 9? Is there any rumors or news on this at all yet? I know most all talk and focus is of course on the current running version 8.5, but how about plans into the future?

    The rumored words I've heard is that Microsoft is rushing to try and get Windows 7 released earlier than originally planned because of the complaints about Vista, and may be trying to release the new operating system sometime in 2010. Do you think SAi will wait until this new Windows 7 is released to release their own new edition, Flexi 9, or would they do like they did with the current Flexi 8 where Flexi 9 will be initially released as 9.1 for Vista, and another 9.5 for Windows 7?

    Just trying to catch any word or ideas or rumors anyone may have heard on the matter. The next few years of software development as well as hardware development will be quite interesting for me to follow. It will especially be interesting to follow how software designers will be planning to implement programs capable of being more multi-threaded and multi-tasking to work on multiple processors and multi-core processors. And as the maximum addressable amount of memory on 32-bit operating systems is 4 GB, which is becoming common on many systems, more and more people will be switching to 64-bit operating systems to take full advantage of that 64-bit computing and especially to break the 4 GB memory barrier. In the next few years I believe we will be seeing a number of applications becoming even more 64-bit computing friendly.

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