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White underbase

Discussion in 'Screen Printing' started by bovegas, Feb 3, 2010.

  1. bovegas

    bovegas Member

    Sep 6, 2008
    Des Plaines, IL
    Can you guys please help me with my problem. I am searching web for 2 months and no luck. I have build Direct to garment printer using Epson 2200. I would like to print on dark garment. In order to do this I would have to print white underbase of the image first. Since epson 2200 has 7 inks set, I am planning to use Light black, Light magenta and Light cyan channels for white ink. My problem is how to trick printer to print image using just those 3 channels. I have one idea and I dont know if this will work. I will open image in Photoshop, than I will change color mode to grayscale, than to duotone mode. When duotone mode wndow pups up I will change to tritone and I will change color values of each of 3 available swatches to Lb, Lc and Lm RGB values. Finally I will switch mode to RGB and send it to printer via Gutenprint plugin. Do you think this will work?
    Also, can you please tell me how to set-up gutenprint output to put as much ink as posible using just those 3 channels. I would really apreciatte your help and this would be huge help for DTG DIY comunity since prices for rip software that work with DTG printers are outrages. Thanks in advance

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