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Wholesale ADA Signage

Discussion in 'Product and Supplier Referrals' started by DStanworth, Jul 22, 2019.

  1. DStanworth

    DStanworth Stanworth Sign

    I want to recommend www.signsofourtimes.com for interior code signs. Every single time I have used them I get my quote back the same day. Good company, fast response, great product.


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  2. 2B

    2B Moderator

    May 5, 2011
    are those completed / installation-ready signs?
    The signs, restroom specifically, look to be in pieces, pending assembly.

    what guidelines are you following for layout, or is that a service offered by the supplier?
    you may want to double-check for compliance against https://www.ada.gov/regs2010/2010ADAStandards/2010ADAStandards.pdf chapter 7 is where to look
  3. DStanworth

    DStanworth Stanworth Sign

    So, those were unassembled at my request. And you are correct, those were not completely ADA Compliant.
    Sometimes the designer/architect do what they want. I informed them, and my fabricator brought this up as well.
    I had them sign my contract that stated they were not compliant.

    I get this situation a quite often doing work in fancy buildings. As long as they pay, I don't have problem with it.

  4. 2B

    2B Moderator

    May 5, 2011
    That is always a good indicator and glad to hear they check instead of running as is.

    If they know, the burden is on them.
  5. DStanworth

    DStanworth Stanworth Sign

    Signs of our Times will always speak up if there is an issue with the design files I have setup.
    I recently had a question about putting braille on exterior apartment room unit numbers, dwelling units.
    They put me in touch with Susan Moe, the State Architects Compliance officer.

    They are a good wholesaler.
  6. JBurton

    JBurton Signtologist

    Sep 28, 2017
    Oh god, you're the guy putting up the non-ADA compliant stuff. It drives me nuts. I totally get that the architect doesn't give a rip whether or not what he designed is ADA, and he told you what to make. Most of my customers rely on my ADA knowledge and will not question me if I tell them it has to go one way or the other.
    Good on the fabricator, and you for knowing the ADA rules.
    It still just drives me nuts.

    Are those thermoformed or rotary cut? Everything I've seen up for bids lately has changed from photopolymer to thermo.
  7. DStanworth

    DStanworth Stanworth Sign

    I agree with you 100% Mr. Burton. I am not sure why we all cant just get along and follow the rules. Architects! Ugh!
    I could walk away but they feed me a lot of work and I have bills to pay. So I look the other way.

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  8. Zendavor Signs

    Zendavor Signs Member

    Mar 3, 2011
    Peoria, IL
    +1 for Signs of Our Times
    I used them a lot before we got enough volume to justify buying our own equipment. They are a great vendor.

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