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Wilcom Users

Discussion in 'Embroidery' started by WildWestDesigns, Sep 4, 2013.

  1. WildWestDesigns

    WildWestDesigns Major Contributor

    Sep 27, 2010
    Mid TN
    I thought I would post this up again, especially since it's getting close to when we do a lot of monogramming.

    If anyone uses Wilcom embroidery software and would like to see about getting your fonts converted to Wilcom ESA fonts, this is a service that I can perform. Especially with the holidays coming around and if you have a holiday font that you like more then the stock holiday embroidery fonts that typically come with embroidery programs pre loaded.

    These ESA fonts take full advantage of all the lettering options that you have within your level of Wilcom. These are keyboard fonts and are able to be changed on the fly. These are not raw embroidery alphabet stitch files.

    If anyone has any questions about this service, just let me know.

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