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Wireless Routers

Discussion in 'Computer Hardware' started by Finishline Signs, Oct 27, 2012.

  1. Finishline Signs

    Finishline Signs Active Member

    Jul 3, 2008
    Crestview, FL
    Does anybody have any recommendations on wireless routers? I've been using dlink and really like them but I have had to replace them after about three years of use. My current router is a dir-825 and it is loosing wireless signal strength. We have 6-10 wireless devices connected at all times. I have been happy with it but not sure what the average life span of a router is. If this is normal I would by the same thing I currently have. Just wanted to see what everyone else likes.

  2. 401Graphics

    401Graphics Very Active Member

    Im in the market for one too. Im using a really old linksys, and it loses signal all the time for about a minute then comes back. and if i ever send a file from computer to computer over the network then it will definitely drop the signal and will have to be totally reset before working again.
  3. choucove

    choucove Active Member

    Feb 25, 2008
    We use mostly Linksys, but also have used ASUS wireless routers. Either way, my experience in general is getting the cheaper wireless routers will result in less quality. By that I mean not as great of range as well as being more finicky and having to be reset/reconfigured occasionally when they just freeze up. However, on the higher end routers I've had very little to no problems at all and been quite impressed with their performance. I've installed several Linksys E3000 routers for homes and businesses in our area, I use one at my house even. I can get the signal a block away.

    If you're running that many wireless devices off of your wireless signal, then I'd really suggest looking into a more robust router. Those cheaper wireless routers are really meant for like five or less wireless devices. Going above that is just overloading what many are capable of efficiently handling.
  4. CanuckSigns

    CanuckSigns Very Active Member

    Nov 11, 2008
  5. visual800

    visual800 Very Active Member

    Aug 4, 2010
    montgomery, alabama
    Ive always used linksys from the getgo. BUT when we went wireless I started using a netlink router. Plug it in and go. Very easy to set up more user friendly than the linksys
  6. Kottwitz-Graphics

    Kottwitz-Graphics Very Active Member

    Sep 25, 2006
    Ridgely, MD
    I had a linksys im my home for years, but when my family started getting more wireless, i always suffered. My stepson would be on his playstation, and i couldn't get on line... so i went and bought a belkin. My wifes IT guy said we only needed a 100 or a 150, but i got a 600... now when hes on the game ( which is while he is awake ), I can still get on line on my tablet.
  7. SignBurst PCs

    SignBurst PCs Very Active Member

    I am a Linksys/Cisco fan.

    Along with brand choice comes functionality. Your wireless adapter may work better with certain routers, i.e. single channel vs dual channel. A,B,G, or N? If N, which version of N?
  8. WildWestDesigns

    WildWestDesigns Major Contributor

    Sep 27, 2010
    Mid TN
    Cisco myself. That's what we use at the office and at the house.
  9. CES020

    CES020 Very Active Member

    Oct 16, 2008
    We were having a lot of issues and someone recommended changing to a different firmware that gives you a lot more control. We fought the router for way too long. I used DD-WRT and installed it on the router and I have been really really happy with it. Not only hasn't it given us 1 single problem since then, but the control panel gives you control over things you don't get out of the box. It's easier to setup and manage, and you can also change wireless signal strength yourself.

    Before anyone hops on that bandwagon, I'll say that they tell you openly if you crank up the wireless signal too much, you can damage the router, but at least YOU have control over that.


    It takes about 15 minutes to do once you follow all the trails and paper work to make sure you're doing it right.

    It was referred to me by some serious computer geeks and it's been really great. I'd never go back to using an off the shelf package again, unless it was better than DD-WRT.

    Plus, if you're looking to buy a new one, it's work taking the risk to give it a try. You've got nothing to lose.
  10. Finishline Signs

    Finishline Signs Active Member

    Jul 3, 2008
    Crestview, FL
    Can you recommend a model? I have other people recommend Cisco as well but no one mentions a model.
  11. john1

    john1 Guest

    Netgear fan here, no issues in about 5 years
  12. 2B

    2B Very Active Member

    May 5, 2011
    linksys is the top tier
    netgear is 2nd best

    personal experience
  13. Finishline Signs

    Finishline Signs Active Member

    Jul 3, 2008
    Crestview, FL
    Monday morning bump
  14. choucove

    choucove Active Member

    Feb 25, 2008
    Recommending a specific model is very hard, as it all comes down to your specific needs and budget. For instance, if all you need is a wireless connection, without needing to cover a larger area than say a few rooms or one floor of a house, and doesn't need to be really fast for connecting to other computers or devices within your network, and don't have any additional needs like USB print sharing or NAS directly from the router, then I'd say go with the E1200. It's our general-purpose go-to wireless router of choice. However, from there it gets more complicated simply based on what you are needing.
  15. Chris85

    Chris85 New Member

    Oct 5, 2012
    I used to sell them years ago, Netgear was always the most well received. I like the Netgear 900 Dual Band right now the best. Good luck!

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