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XC-540 Soljet III capping station lists/tilts to one side when rising.. okay? adjust?

Discussion in 'Roland' started by Jumpshoutmedia, Jul 16, 2019.

  1. Jumpshoutmedia

    Jumpshoutmedia Member

    Nov 2, 2008
    Milwaukee, WI

    I was recently performing a height adjustment to the capping station and I noticed something weird that bothers me.

    The capping station has a slight (but noticable) tilt to it, that changes direction depending on the direction of travel.

    When moving down, it tilts slightly to the right.
    When moving up, it tilts slightly to the left.

    Once the right side makes contact with the 2 right-most heads, it levels out.. and all of the captops make sufficient contact with all heads.

    My concern is when it's doing its cleaning, at one point the caps are raised until their ALMOST making contact, and it starts draining the caps/pumps.

    When it's in this position, since there is a slight tilt.. if I set the capping station hight too high, then the caps on the right are actually touching slightly, and there is a noticable gap on the heads on the left.

    If I set the captop height a little LOWER so that none of the caps are making contact, then there's obviously a large gap between the leftmost heads and caps

    This tilting problem makes it really difficult to set the proper capping station height.

    According to the svc manual, you raise the captops until they're making contact with the heads, but WHICH heads? The 2 on the right make contact first, but there's still a significant gap on the left.. go any higher then by the time the left is making contact, I'm already compressing the seals on the captops on the right side.

    A verbal approximation would probably be.. when the right is JUST touching the heads, there is still probably between 3/16" to 1/4" gap on the left that quickly starts to level out as the caps continue to raise.. so it's not like it's crushing the caps on the right as you raise it, the tilt does shift and level out by applying a fairly small amount of resistance to the right hand side of the capping station.

    The station "rocks" side to side just barely, and the tilting is actually the result of this rotational slop.

    As its raised or lowered, the slightest amount of drag on either side (left or right) causes the station to "tilt" as it's being operated.

    Ive tried to look for adjustment points to see if I can take slop out.

    I've inspected it for twisting or binding...

    I've even lubricated the guide rods and bushings, so see if one side was binding slightly causing it to tilt as it moves.

    I hope I explained this well enough to understand.

    Anyone else that may have an XC like mine, have you ever noticed a slight tilt to the capping station?

    What concerned me about this is.. by the looks of the design (ball screw and guide rods) it looks like an engineer went through a lot of trouble to keep the station LEVEL throughout the range of its up/down operation.

    So if tilting was that much of a concern to them, then why is mine tilting so much?

    And finally.. how am I supposed to properly adjust the height of the station? (Raise until contacting head on the right? Or contacting ALL heads?)

    Any insight would be great!

    Thanks guys and gals!
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2019
  2. Are all 3 springs connected? Perhaps one side has become disconnected, there is only 1 servo motor controlling the entire base (lifting and lowering), so they should raise and lower evenly. As for when to hit enter on the height adjustment, per the manual, use the check gap feature to confirm the right height is set. I had an SC-540 that was doing the same thing, the fix on that was to adjust the locking pin, but I think on the XC there is no adjusting the locking pin. As long as the captops make contact then you should be fine.

    Just my .02

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