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Your Opinions on best the Printers for Print & cut decals. Currently using HP Latex.

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Print & Cut Systems' started by blacknbart, Oct 29, 2016.

  1. blacknbart

    blacknbart Member

    Dec 5, 2011
    Looking to buy a new printer what are your thoughts on the best printers to use for Print and cut decals. I currently use HP 360 & 560 Latex. The printing looks great I just have been getting misaligned prints from time to time and wondered what other people are using.
  2. Split76

    Split76 Member

    Sep 15, 2013
    I'd buy beer. Printers are ok. Maybe your material is causing misaligned prints?..
  3. blacknbart

    blacknbart Member

    Dec 5, 2011
    Yes I have see it on different materials as well gotten perfect results with most.

    Currently using a General Solutions 201 because it has a "Stay Flat 90 lb liner" which mean thicker stock and less upward curl. It has performed well, but from time to time I get a misaligned cuts mainly in the y direction. The service rep for the HP's mention that the printer can be printing askew and can be adjusted.

    Regardless is this common with other printers? I feel like I'm gambling every time do a print and cut job.

    I'm also using a Onyx 12 rip to manage both Hp printers and Graphtec FC8000 cutter. What are the differences between RIP Providers anything special?
  4. SightLine

    SightLine Very Active Member

    All the rips have the same core functions and purpose but each has a few different bells and whistles and ways of doing things. Just like the Adobe / Corel, Chevy / Ford, etc arguments you will find those who viciously hate and talk bad about one and those who sing the praises of one. In reality both are excellent and its more of what you are used to or started with. Some say x rip has better color than y rip, etc. Some are browser based interfaces (these are running a web server software in the background to make that happen), some are standalone programs, some support this machine or that, etc. Interestingly many of the RIPS, behind the scenes, are using APPE (Adobe PDF Print Engine) as the actual core of the RIP itself. Same with the printers. You will find plenty who swear that solvent is dead (eco, lite, etc as well) and that HP latex is gods gift to wide format but at the same time you will find plenty of threads of people having some problem or another with them. Do they have their benefits and can they produce excellent quality prints, absolutely. Solvent ink machines are far from dead, most every brand that had had them in the past, still do and are still to this day developing and introducing brand new models.

    Where you hear the loudest screams that this or that is terrible and to run are from the very very small minority few who are having or have had some major problem with whatever it is. Did they get a lemon machine, quite possibly so. You can bet with absolute 100% certainty that EVERY brand has a lemon or some defect or some machine that got mishandled in shipping and slightly bent its frame or something and that user is going to scream on every forums they can that the machine is junk. The far greater majority (on machines, software, media, aftermarket inks, etc) are happy as can be and too busy to spend time posting about how great their whatever is.... my point being, take the naysayers with a very very big grain of salt. Listen carefully to those few who do take them time to praise. You need to evaluate what features are important to YOUR business. Things like how close is the dealer who will be supporting you, how is their reputation for support, does this dealer stock the supplies like ink that you will need, maybe you are a tech whiz and don't care about dealer support because you are likely smarter and more technically inclined than their tech. Does the RIP just print or does it also drive your cutter, does it have profiling built in or are you happy with stock profiles that are optimized for some other machine in some other average environment (average temps and humidity levels play a VERY large part in print quality and profiles account for that), some RIP's have design built in like Flexi which does a great job with print/cut workflow, some RIP's have nice extras like sequential numbering, or banner finishing, or awesome nesting, or specialize in something like fabric printing, or can profile totally custom ink sets. On some RIP's half the things you might want at some point are paid add-ons like profile creation, or working with multiple machines, etc. Some have gone the way of SaaS (software as a service / aka cloud / aka rent your software forever) while some still have a buy it once price and in a couple of years you can pay to upgrade or continue to use it as you do (which probably works just fine).

    Its such a common question on here but at the same time a terribly loaded and poor question. The real question requires one to truly evaluate their specific needs and then narrow down the choices based on that.
  5. bilge

    bilge Member

    Jan 14, 2012
    Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
    Media feed direction aka Y direction misalignment, different size in length is occured due to OMAS function. This sensor detects the gap between passes and compensate feed rate. It vary depending on media thickness, pass count, roll weight, clogged nozzles i.e eliminates pass to pass banding. That's why you may get slightly shorter or longer prints. You could turn off OMAS through service mode, then you have to make media feed calibration on each media, so not recommended. Only cutter could work on this situation is Summa with OPOS. Maybe new GCC Jaguar V. These cutters calculate the distortion and compensate. I don't know why HP work with Graphtec, I'm not surprised if there would be another e mail scandal lol. If I were you, to send the problem print with cut file to Summa guys and see how it works.
  6. Bly

    Bly Very Active Member

    Mar 9, 2004
    We use 360s and Summa with OPOS XY.
  7. blacknbart

    blacknbart Member

    Dec 5, 2011

    Yeah my FC8000 is a discontinued item with Graphtec and I can imagine that these Cutter companies are stepping up their game as far as working around the problematic crooked print. I hear good things about Summa and I will look in to those cutters. Which Summa are you using? I would have to get one that will fit a 54'' wide material.

    Any feelings about Mimaki cutters? Not really into the Printer/cutter things sound dangerous. Also Mimaki Printers can they print white/Silver has anyone used these for decals especially clear decals?

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