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Dec 22, 2016
Oct 2, 2007
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Dec 22, 2016
    1. jdesign
      Question for you... After I print and lam I'll load and do a sheet set-up & it won't detect the marks... Is there an option to do a auto detect on the crop marks? I've searched hi and low. But yeah my printer won't even try to scan for the marks it will immediately just start cutting. My Process Cutting Paths is checked as well as Automatic Alignment.
      Thanks, Dave
    2. jdesign
      Hey Bryan, I bought a different computer with XP and got the lastest driver for the SP-300 going. I downloaded a profile off of Arlon's website for this DPF 8000 vinyl I'm using. I'm finally getting some what decent greys (tiny bit of a green tint yet) by cutting back the cyan and yellow (and all colors in general) in the Color Transfors > Halftone Properties. I'm setting my Ink Limit to 225%. I can't afford to have someone come in and profile for me right now... I need to figure this out myself. If you can recommend anything please message me back or call. In your experience with SoftRip and SP-300 do you remember what settings worked best with bitmaps?
      if you email me at jdesign@usfamily.net I can send you some pics of the latest printouts.
    3. jdesign
      Hey Bryan,
      I didn't realize you worked for Wasatch. I just purchased SoftRIP 6.7 SN: 82835 and I have a VersaCamm SP-300. This is my first vinyl printer so I'm learning as much as I can on here. I just realized the the SP-300 driver is not compatible with windows 7 so I'm getting all set-up with XP in the next few days and then back to profiling and figuring out how to prints some good 4c grey tones.
      Check me out when you get a chance at graphiceffex.com & graphiceffexs.com
      Thanks for your help,
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