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Mar 5, 2021 at 9:16 AM
Feb 14, 2007
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too many to list

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Major Contributor, from NJ/NY/PA

petepaz was last seen:
Mar 5, 2021 at 9:16 AM
    1. Suz
      Rush Rush Rush

      I am feeling a little overwhelmed! Yes, everybody wants their stuff NOW... I'm not seeing too many offer money down though. So, I was thinking about approaching all these "Rush" Customers like this:

      Provide a general quote. Then as are you really that much in a rush? If so, give them the percentages on how much more they will pay over the general quote I gave them. Here is a rough of what my percentages might be:

      Need it in 3 weeks: ...No extra, ....but 50% down to get it on my job board!
      Need it in 2 weeks: ....................Add 15% to quote, 50% down.
      Need it in 1 week: ....................Add 30% to quote, 50% down.
      Need it in 4 days: ....................Add 50% to quote, 100% down
      Need it NOW/Get it in 2 days:.......Add 80% to quote, 100% down.
    2. nijebitno

      I hope it is not too much to ask but i have similar problem like you had one year ago with yours printer. I have scan motor replaced and when I try to do limit initialization i get message POSITION INVALID OUT OF RANGE. So can you explain how techs or you solved problem. I don't have faulty sensor.

      Thanks in advance.
    3. plakati
      hello Peter,
      my name is Damir and i am from Croatia. Before app. one year i bought mimaki ujv 160 which is something like similar like new Lej 160. but i am not satisfied with it, so now i thinking to replace it with the new Roland lej 160. But i am afraid that it will have the same problems like mimaki. Did you do some good testing? please can you inform me how you are satisfied with the purchase of the new roland.
      best regards
    4. Dave L.
      Dave L.
      Pete, I'm right down the road from you in Pattenburg. I'd be happy to fix it if you buy the parts. You'll need Captops and a Damper. What's happened is the sponge in the Cap has expanded out and "wicked" the yellow and magenta. Each color ink is traveling down and back up into the other side of the printhead. I'll also take a look at the VP. I'm sure it's an easy fix.
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    Home Page:
    too many to list
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    No experience
    Work Description:
    signs, vehicle graphics, banners, labels, decals, overlays, nameplates
    Plotters & Printers:
    gerber edge, gerber gs15plus, roland soljet xc-540,vp-540, LEJ 640, XR-640, epson 4800 and 60" & 64" laminator
    Signmaking & Graphics Software:
    adobe illust., photshop, in-design, omega composer, sign engine, versa works
    long walks on the beach , the wind in my hair.....not
    i like beer & good food, working out & playing basketball, coaching and my grand kids (Not necessarily in that order)


    better to have too much work and try to find the time to do it