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500 decals quote?

Discussion in 'Sales, Marketing, Pricing Etc.' started by DKgrafix, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. DKgrafix

    DKgrafix Very Active Member

    Hi there again.
    Thanks everyone for answering my last quoting questions, but as every newb, I always have some new ones.
    I need to quote 500 printed decals on Oracal 3651 laminated or similar.
    They are about 5.5"x5.5" decals with a contour cut (quite complex cut)

    I quoted $2.09/piece.
    Was that reasonable, too much, or not enough?

  2. tsgstl

    tsgstl Active Member

    Jan 17, 2012
    Lam makes complex contour cutting a little more difficult.
    Your price is in the ballpark but without seeing how "complex" it is makes it impossible to gauge any better.

    Cut/Weed 10 as a test to average out your time spent weeding.

    If it is really complex you could be drastically underestimating how much time your plotter will take cutting the order too.
  3. DKgrafix

    DKgrafix Very Active Member

    There is no inside cutting, just the outside edge, but it as some small "stepping" cuts in a few areas. Petty much it is a shape of the State of Ohio map and it has a few buildings sticking out on the top.
    All I have is an old decal that I have to recreate (Old company that did them is out of business) so I could simplify that a bit too.
  4. Techman

    Techman Major Contributor

    Jun 24, 2003
    don't do those yourself. Call stouse and have them do it. Mark up their low price and make some real profit.
  5. Fanaticus

    Fanaticus Member

    Jan 19, 2011
    what he said.

    You'll soon learn on this forum that all you really need to do is outsource all the actual work, so you just take orders, sit behind a computer, and smile when the money comes in.
  6. DKgrafix

    DKgrafix Very Active Member

    I was going to do that, and actually, I was going to use one of Signs101 forum members to print and cut. I would just weed them and cut in individual decals.
    But with being new and doing this the first time, I do not know exactly what to charge :)
  7. royster13

    royster13 Very Active Member

    Apr 3, 2009
    Montrose BC
    I would be close to that on the 1st order.....And 1.50 on repeats.....Outsourced.....
  8. tsgstl

    tsgstl Active Member

    Jan 17, 2012
    On this job (mainly because of laminating) yes outsourcing the order is most likely the answer. But up to 500 or anything with consecutive numbering or any time sensative orders are better to do in house.
  9. Bill Modzel

    Bill Modzel Active Member

    Stouse would probably charge you for an actual die and die cut run. 500 pieces is probably a bit lite to cover those extra charges.
    I've run full 30" x 150' rolls of small decals, print and cut. I generally run them in 30" x 32" "pages". Cuttin master will run the whole roll page by page. Once that is done,I hand cut two sides along the registration marks and stack them in my paper cutter. I can cut 100 sheets at a time into individual square cut decals with essentially a kiss cut shape.
  10. john1

    john1 Guest

    $1.95 each on 3165RA with 210 laminate

    Do'm in house all day long.
  11. 401Graphics

    401Graphics Very Active Member

    last time i did 500 decals i traded for a full color tattoo on my wifes foot. Came out very nice. I printed on 3640 with no lam.

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