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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Roark, Apr 23, 2011.

  1. Roark

    Roark New Member

    Apr 23, 2011
    So call it a momentary lapse of sanity, attribute it to excessive solar flare activity, or weather change messing with the significant pressure inside of my head, but I decided to go printer shopping without doing my due diligence first. Thankfully one of the salesman's lack of product knowledge grossly exceeded my own and I snapped out of it before I made a horrible mistake (relative to the type of printer that I actually need - not dis-in' any particular brand).

    So as I'm attempting to come to grips with just how little I know, and starting to have doubts about whether this whole business expansion idea isn't just a train wreck lookin' for a bridge or what, I at least settle on a brand (at least until somebody suggests otherwise and I start all over again). Googlin' around looking for something other than sales blather and happened upon 101. T'was light a light shining down from the alien mother ship.

    I'm not a graphics guy per se, studied architecture back in the dark ages of T-squares and ink pens, but I've acquired a few skills along the way in spite of my Luddite heritage. Right now I'm involved in a relatively new, small business, that actually started as an outgrowth of having worked in the trade show biz for a while. Went semi-retarded, er...retired and discovered that the stock market can be a very cruel place. Not a problem for some...but I really love being able to eat, and the noise of the cars runnin' over the bridge would keep me up at night.

    So now it's me, a cabinet maker bud, my 3D Animation student son, and avid - but not too terribly ambitious - photographer daughter, working out of my little cabinet shop on the back 40. Started with custom wood working and a few subcontracts from trade show contacts. Built a CNC and sold it ('cuz if you can't write the code it makes a dandy door stop), and now am replacing it with a little CNC carver that's more idiot friendly.

    We had a few light boxes, signs, and specialty items that started to sell well at car shows, bars and billiard retailers, so we thought that adding our own graphics capabilities would open new vistas. Immediately we only need to print up to 24" disc and >1/4 sheet rectangular graphics for the light boxes. In looking at the variety of gear available I thought that even though we don't need vinyl plotting, it would be a nice feature to grow into with the sign carving and promo stuff - we also have a bunch of older Knight presses and transfer kit left over from my older kid's brief stint in the T-shirt, mug and hat printing business. That's kind of where I'm stuck at the moment...somewhere between a new 42" H.P. latex machine and a used Roland SP 300 or 540v and laminator.

    So, in for a penny, in for the price of a nice beach house I always say. With any luck, I have an old work associate that is really great at producing graphics and running all of this equipment. The plan is to eventually lure him into our little co-op, since he's had a long history of working too hard for knuckleheads that pay him crud and treat him like dirt. In the mean time, I need to get my GED and begin some undergrad work in the black arts...so here I am.

    Pardon the satire...it's some kind of personality disorder that's always conspired with my cynicism to keep me from running for King. Actually,... it's just how I keep sane.
  2. Border

    Border Very Active Member

    Feb 8, 2007
    Welcome aboard the crazy train!
  3. mikefine

    mikefine Member

    May 6, 2007
    Welcome, from another Hon.
  4. petesign

    petesign Very Active Member

    Feb 27, 2010
    Hoover AL
    Good luck! These days, I am wondering why I didn't buy a car wash.
  5. Malkin

    Malkin Very Active Member

    Feb 11, 2009
    Augusta, ME
    Best intro I've seen.

    You win 100 internets & 10 rolls of blue Avery vinyl.
  6. GypsyGraphics

    GypsyGraphics Major Contributor

    Mar 19, 2009
    pardon the satire???? i think i'm in love :loveya: :loveya: :loveya:

    best intro EVER!!!!

    EDIT: oops... almost forgot my usual welcome

    a warm welcome from sunny california
  7. Cross Signs

    Cross Signs Active Member

    Mar 30, 2006
    Clearwater FL
    Good intro...Welcome
  8. Billct2

    Billct2 Major Contributor

    Mar 12, 2005
    New England
    now that was worth reading...welcome from northeast of you
  9. Craig Sjoquist

    Craig Sjoquist Major Contributor

    Jun 18, 2004
    Welcome to a outstanding forum and people.
  10. skyhigh

    skyhigh Major Contributor

    Jun 16, 2005

    Welcome from PA
  11. wes70

    wes70 Very Active Member

    Oct 31, 2005
    So... tell us a little about yourself ;)

    Great intro and welcome from NS!
  12. BadAss

    BadAss Active Member

    Nov 29, 2007
    Welcome to the Show!!! M*
  13. mrchips

    mrchips Member

    Nov 21, 2008

    I'm stuck in my "Luddite heritage".....I just do carved signs (by hand).

    I won't be able to help you with anything that has a plug at the end of it.

    My daughter lives in Columbia. We get down there on occasion so I just might stop in one day and say hay!

    So, did you get a Carvewright?


    Makin Chip$ and Havin Fun!
  14. Roark

    Roark New Member

    Apr 23, 2011
    Well you got some nerve!

    Welcome from sunny California?!? What are you some kind of sadist. Sunny my...,...why I ought'a.

    Mike can attest...about a week ago I almost got heat stroke. Sumthin' like 25-30 degrees for a couple of weeks...Seattle-like sunshine (the kind that ya just dream about or see on Hawaaii 5 - Oh just go drop dead, people shouldn't be aloud to live like that!), and then...like 85 or some crazy thing like that. So's I dig the bike out and go for a ride.

    Yeah...give me a Guiness style "BRILLIANT" fer dat one. Freezing rain and SNOW flurries?!? Heat stroke fer lunch and hypothermia for dinner. Gotta love it. Our winter should end sometime this afternoon and then summer should get into full swing by...oooh, about noon tomorrow.

    Like Lewis Black says..."they didn't even see that (stuff) in the Bible!"..."What's next, locusts and frog!?"

    I'm not jealous. Really I'm not. After taxes...I still have enough left over for a quarter tank 'a gas - so nanny, nanny, pooh, pooh... ;)

    Thanks fer da "warm" welcome. No seriously...I meant it that time. :)
  15. njshorts

    njshorts Active Member

    Mar 15, 2011
    Meadville, PA
    Welcome from Florida! While you freeze, we sweat our asses off installing in our extended 90+ degree humid summers. I'd trade ya in a heartbeat.
  16. GypsyGraphics

    GypsyGraphics Major Contributor

    Mar 19, 2009
    oops... apparently i spoke too soon.

    my husband says i can't be telling strangers i love them, just because of one funny post.
    i forgot to ask what the number was, i'll have to get back to you on that.

    but... that's one
  17. hightop

    hightop Member

    Nov 6, 2010
    Sophia, NC
    This thread = :ROFLMAO:
    Hi from NC! I have nothing much to contribute. These folks are kind enough to let me hang around and lurk and I return the favor by not being too annoying (I hope!)

    :signs101: :rock-n-roll:
  18. iSign

    iSign Major Contributor

    Nov 29, 2003
    Kahului, Maui
    that's two! ...although their ain't no number... still, funny is funny! :Big Laugh

    Welcome! (don't worry... I won't mention the weather:rock-n-roll:)
  19. SignosaurusRex

    SignosaurusRex Major Contributor

    Mar 7, 2007
    Washington State
    Oh sure......pick on Seattle why don't ya! :rolleyes: Well.....I guess the shoe does fit.:frustrated:
    I know you are just a cabinet shop but can you build me a waterproof box measuring 50 cubits wide X 500 cubits long with a depth of 30 cubits?.......I can put on my own lettering if that helps!

    Welcome Aboard from a soggy Seattle
  20. hightop

    hightop Member

    Nov 6, 2010
    Sophia, NC
    Are the animals starting to line up 2x2??

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