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Gerber Textile Foils - Any Comments?

Discussion in 'Gerber' started by stitchup, Oct 4, 2008.

  1. stitchup

    stitchup Member

    Hi from a sunny South Wales, UK

    We've done quite a bit of garment decoration using printed transfer papers. The final product is okay but not what I'd call 'WoW'.

    Whilst there are tranfer papers for printing to dark and coloured garments, in fact, one such paper is called 'WoW', there are several drawbacks:

    1. The WoW papers are expensive
    2. The process involves several stages
    3. Limited to A4 or Letter size

    I'd love to hear any commennts from anyone who's tried the Gerber textile foils and paper. In particular:

    Do these work well with dark garments?
    Is the graphics quality good?
    Etc, etc

    Many thanks

  2. iSign

    iSign Major Contributor

    Nov 29, 2003
    Kahului, Maui
    the Gerber brand that I am familiar is for light garments.
    I have done hundreds, with absolute saticfaction. Great color, very good resolution. and it feels like silkscreen prints. I've worn shirts i made for my sign business & have been impressed with the color for over a year or more.

    There are materials you can edge print on for dark shirts, but they are thicker, and can get sweaty. I don't like them
  3. stitchup

    stitchup Member

    Thanks for the reply

    That's good news for me. When I produce stuff using transfer papers I'm not entirely happy with them. The colours appear to be a bit dull and where there shouldn't be any print e.g. a blank area, there's a tacky clear layer that's quite easy to see especially after time and a few washes.

    Do you have to use a cutter to cut out a profile around the graphic before pressing?

    I haven't used CMYK process foils yet, in fact, I don't have any! I believe these foils differ from the 'standard' CMYL process foils?

    Is there much preparation of the graphic before sending for printing to the Edge?

    Finally, (sorry for so many questions) what transfer paper do you print to?

    I understand your comments regarding dark garments and the 'feel' of the vinyl pressed. We've done quite a bit of garment vinyl pressing on garments. Some of the vinyls are quite thin but one still has that 'plastic' feel.

    If you have any pics of some completed garments, my partner Angie would love to see them - so would I :)



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