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Mutoh ValueJet - Anyone have any thoughts?

Discussion in 'Mutoh' started by grandprixse94, Jul 1, 2006.

  1. grandprixse94

    grandprixse94 Member

    Jun 3, 2006
  2. Flame

    Flame Major Contributor

    Apr 26, 2006
    From the looks of it, it's a cheaper and simpler version of their Falcon series printer. Same inks, less DPI options, probably a little bit slower (you never know RLS) and most likely a LOT cheaper. Dang it. Now joe-blow, price slasher guys are going to be getting these. Just what the sign world needs...
  3. grandprixse94

    grandprixse94 Member

    Jun 3, 2006
    Now give me some reasoning behind your statements. It has the same 1400x1400 dpi, it's MUCH faster printing than the falcon, and it claims of a new technology that reduces banding. Plus it prints a true 48" width.

    In case you didn't know, there is a post discussing the Falcon being discontinued (except Signwarehouse will still be carrying their OEM brand).
  4. grandprixse94

    grandprixse94 Member

    Jun 3, 2006
    Print speed

    ValueJet 720 x 360 93 sf/hr
    720 x720 77 sf/hr
    540 x 720 77 sf/hr
    1440 x 720 57 sf/hr
    1440 x 1440 29 sf/hr

    Falcon Outdoor
    360 x 180 156 sf/hr
    720 x 720 39 sf/hr
    1440 x 1440 7 sf/hr
  5. Derf

    Derf Very Active Member

    Keep your options open and look at the service end of the picture too!

    However it looks to me like Mutoh is making a all-around nice printer for the average sign shop! Prints a 48":thumb: One print head to fix:thumb:

    But it's still a Mutoh.. I have a falcon now and I don't think I would buy another Mutoh at this point.

    1) Limited aftermarket parts and inks
    2) Service with Calgraph... Not good
    3) Crapy internal parts

    That's my 2¢
  6. Flame

    Flame Major Contributor

    Apr 26, 2006

    I know the Falcon is no longer going to be carried in the US, that wasn't my point. As far as speeds, I pretty much just went off of their claimed top speed (Facon - 156, VJ - 100). Never went into real detail comparing the two. No banding huh? Never had a problem with my Falcon banding other than from the heaters. And the DPI options look kinda weird, that's all. Oh yeah, and we could also look at the name VALUEjet. Something about the word "value" scares me these days. It says CHEAP!

    Not saying it's a bad printer, just my first impressions were....uh... I guess I'm going to hold out on my opinions and first impressions until I learn more about it. It may turn out to be a fine machine.
  7. scsignguy

    scsignguy New Member

    May 29, 2006
    i first saw the vj at the orlando show. bought the mutoh 48" cutter then and is great. bought the vj in may and should arive next week. mutoh america called me last week with a report that they were getting speeds close to 150 fph in 720x720. far better than expected. something abought waving the ink down instead of straight lines. excitment is high my shop
  8. Jackpine

    Jackpine Major Contributor

    Mutoh ValueJet

    All you say is true. I got the same information form Mutoh. 2 1/2 times faster with a true variable dot print (Falcon Outdoor has a 2 dot techology ) and no banding. I have a Falcon Jr and I'm a bit gun shy right now with Mutoh. Seems they left alot of users hanging with discontinuing that line. I love my Mutoh but....! ValueJet also requires 51" material or smaller.
  9. grandprixse94

    grandprixse94 Member

    Jun 3, 2006
    Keep us updated with the progress of your new printer when you receive it.

  10. mark in tx

    mark in tx Very Active Member

    Oct 25, 2005
    Harker Heights, Texas
    Just hope they don't kill off the product line after a year to put out another printer.
    That might seem familiar to Falcon owners.
  11. Derf

    Derf Very Active Member

    Or have to wait 5 weeks for a part!...... Still waiting for my damn capping station.
  12. bob

    bob Major Contributor

    Nov 4, 2005
    Interesting. I called Calgraph [Denver] last week or so and make arrangements for their regional tech weenie to stop by and resuscitate my ailing Falcon 48. Cross country moving apparently had some ill effect. Probably altitude sickness or something.

    The tech called and said he was having some parts shipped direct to me, dampers and a capping station, and lo they arrived in a couple of days. He's coming to fix things this very afternoon. I thought of you and your plight when the parts arrived in such a timely fashion.

    Since I'm paying for this out of pocket I have a feeling that my next communique will be from debtor's prison.
  13. Steve C.

    Steve C. Very Active Member

    May 22, 2003
    Signs of the Times, July 2006, page 70. This article has given me
    new hope for Mutoh. 93 sq.ft./hr. at 720x360. thats 3 4x8 banners
    in one hr. The article clames that at its best, could produce up to 4
    4x8s per hr. My Falcon does good to print 2 an hour at 360x360. And
    even at its highest (1440x1440) resolution in bidiretional mode you get
    29 sq.ft./hr.

    For $14,995 the printer comes with Scanvec Amiable RIP. This is not
    Flexi Pro, so you will still need some kind of design software.

    I too am a bit gun shy about Mutoh, but I'll be keeping a eye on the
  14. The Big Squeegee

    The Big Squeegee Major Contributor

    Oct 10, 2005
    Lawton, OK, USA
    I saw a prototype of the VJ in indianapolis. The Mutoh rep said that the heaters are wider in the new machines. The wider heaters require less heat to dry the ink. It does a nice job but I did not see much difference in the quality of the new Ultra ink over the old plus inks. It is still hard to get a good red.

    I have had pretty good luck getting parts fast but I have not tried lately. I suspect that they are bogged down with getting changeovers done on all the old machines. I think the ink change over kit was lacking.

    I have not tried to print with my Falcon for nearly a month. I flushed it out with solvent so I could move it and I will make the change in ink after I get moved. I am thinking of using a differnt brand of ink than the Ultra. Any suggestions?
  15. uneedasign

    uneedasign Active Member

    Jun 24, 2005
    Palm Desert CA
    I just saw this printer at a regional show in Long Beach CA. It seems to be a decent printer for the money, however the max media width is 51.2" and that is not available. 48" is the largest it will accept that is available, and if you want to contour cut, you have no extra media for your plotter. Just thought some of you might like to know.
  16. mbisson

    mbisson New Member

    Aug 25, 2006
    ValueJet clarification

    I've read through the ValueJet threads and would like to provide some factual information to help clear the confusion.

    The ValueJet is a 51" printer easily capable of printing on 48" common size media - it is capable of full bleed printing in unidirectional mode and 47" inch coverage in bidirectional mode (greater speed). Mutoh is consistantly printing at speeds of 140 sq/hr on banner and ABV (bi-directional) with superior quality.

    The name ValueJet may conjure up a perception of cheapness in some minds; however, the name originates from the value obtained through use of the printer. At speeds consistantly in the 140 sq/hr range and at a price point of $14,995, it truely is a great value!

    The printer is designed for ease of use and in virtually evey installation to date, customers were outputting production prints the first day. Several customers have called to say the printer has already paid for itself - not bad for a product in its second month of distribution.

    Mike Bisson
    Scv Mgr
    Mutoh America Inc.
  17. P Wagner

    P Wagner Very Active Member

    Aug 16, 2006
    San Diego
    I have no doubt that the ValueJet printer is an upgrade from the Falcon Outdoor line. Frankly, that is not saying all that much. The problem as I see it is that from a media standpoint, the width of the printer is effectively 48 inches. There is next to no media availability that I see in the 48 inch width (with some notable exceptions).

    Why this machine was not built with a 54 inch media capability, to be compatible with the rest of the market amazes me. Typical of Mutoh, however, marching to the beat of their own drummer.
  18. Robertw

    Robertw New Member

    Nov 5, 2006
    Mutoh Valuejet media products

    Mutoh's newest printers offer much more then was originally expected.
    We have numerous installations in shops where there may be another more "production" oriented printer or as a step up from say a HP Designjet.

    At less than 15K this is a profitable add on to any sign shop and if you currently have a larger solvent printer consider this a fill in for shorter runs. I also noticed that most of the responses didn't consider or know that their other models cover additional widths of 64" and now a 98" version with 6-inks.

    Until recently there was not a large number of correctly sized media products for this printer. We have changed this for everyone. Unica digital's newest line of media products "DuraSOLV+" come in sizes from 24" and include many 30"/36"/48" and yes 50" rolls. We have custom roll lengths up to 150'.

    Products include: Economy Scrim banner, 2-styles of double sided smooth banner, several styles of PSA vinyl and an entire line of CAST vinyl and overlams.

    We saw a great demand for this printer and stepped up to incorporate our "DuraSOLV+" line for nearly every market. Our custom profiles for each product are available for Wasatch SoftRIP and Onyx Postershop.

    So, for all of you doubters of Mutoh and their newest Valuejet, give it another look. Don't use the excuse that there isn't a quality line of Eco Solvent media products for this printer. There is.

  19. Valentino

    Valentino Active Member

    Jan 16, 2007
    im ordering my tomorrow, WOOT WOOT! how exciting.
  20. graphicoptions

    graphicoptions Member

    Jan 11, 2007
    got one, I have speeds up to 120 sq. ft an hour on full 48" wide printing, so far working great, but I always keep my fingers crossed.

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