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TR2 Ink Conversion for Roland Printers

Discussion in 'Installation Equipment & Techniques' started by Cory Marcin, Feb 5, 2020.

  1. Cory Marcin

    Cory Marcin Member

    Oct 2, 2018
    Has anyone converted to the new TR2 inks? From what I understand, Roland is trying to get everyone over to these new inks. Profiles will be lost with the new firmware update. Sounds like I will basically have to start over with my backend settings.
    Just wondering if anyone has converted. Any words of wisdom? Tips? Tricks?

    Thanks for any help in advance!
  2. BlackSheepStudio

    BlackSheepStudio New Member

    Jan 23, 2019
    Los Angeles
    I am also very interested on this. I gave them a call because it says on the website under the FAQ about this that they will continue to support the old inks. However, my tech and also the people at the trade show say they will be all transitioned by october 2020. So that means if I don't switch I will have an obsolete 1 year old machine.

    What bugs me is having to pay for a full set of inks and dumping new ones installed.

    The tech that services my machine says he has not done any of these conversions yet.

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  3. Boudica

    Boudica Member

    Dec 21, 2018
    Spokane, WA
    Holy cripes. We are looking at loosing support for our soon-to-be outmoded HP scitex, now Roland is going to pull their ink out from underneath us? Say it ain't so!
  4. Cory Marcin

    Cory Marcin Member

    Oct 2, 2018
    I spoke to my tech about this as well. He's done the conversion on 2 machines. On both occasions the firmware caused major issues. Roland does not pay for the tech's time, so the customer gets hit with the bill on top of the conversion kit + the TruVis ink that is dumped.
    My tech's advice: hold out for better firmware updates. Right now, he isn't recommending anyone do this conversion.........but that's just some 'know-it-all' tech. LOL.
  5. perfectpdf

    perfectpdf Member

    Jan 8, 2015
    That is not even half of the problems people will encounter. For those who like to or have to work on their own machines Roland is completely removing the option to enter into service mode. They will be requiring you to bring in a certified technician with up to date tech credentials to perform work. So not only will you be blowing through new inks to convert but you will essentially be throwing away your keys to do emergency repairs or repairs you feel comfortable with. For those that never want to work on their machine, carry on no worries for those that do you are warned.

    You can read here.
  6. White Haus

    White Haus Formally known as RJPW..........

    Apr 6, 2018

    Ouch. Guess our Soljet IV will be the last Roland we buy.
  7. rjssigns

    rjssigns Major Contributor

    Jun 4, 2007
    Home Office
    With news like this SP 540's and 300's will be in demand.
  8. Joe House

    Joe House Active Member

    Feb 5, 2004
    Hey All,

    The conversion isn't all that traumatic if done by the book. We've had several customers do it with little help from us. You have to update to the latest TR firmware first, then update to the earliest TR2 firmware before updating to later versions of it.
    Yes, you will end up loosing some of your TR ink, but you can plan it for when most of your ink bags are near empty to minimize the loss and Roland is currently offering a kit at 25%
    I have heard from a reliable source that TR inks will likely be out of production at the end of this year, but bear in mind that the new inks have the 3M and Avery warranty or performance guarantee as well as better performance as far as stretching goes. You also end up with a wider gamut. Yes, you will loose any profiles that you've created and need to redo them - that's a lot of time down the drain if you don't use the canned ones from Roland Profile Center.
    If you're dead set against losing access to service mode, then the only option I see for you is to convert to an alternative ink. But then you're profiles probably won't match either.

    And finally, I don't think there's really much comparison between a TruVis print or printer and an old SP model so I don't see their value jumping anytime soon.
  9. Mainframe

    Mainframe Very Active Member

    Well, as far as I am concerned, Roland owes me the set of inks for the upgrade, I was told the printer I bought could be used for wraps, well, you can't wrap with it with the original inks because when you stretch it, the print gets light, to the point the print is unusable, (I guess this is why 3m won't certify the inks) this happened to me on a set of semi trucks I partially wrapped that were hitting the road the next day, nobody said anything because the trucks left early the next day, but I wasn't proud of them.

    That said, I have otherwise been really happy with the printer, most stuff I do is flat, except now I bought a new bucket truck and want to wrap it, soooo well I really can't wrap it until I change inks.

    I now have to buy new inks, learn new software, risk a firmware or hardware fiasco and create new profiles on a machine I paid top dollar for I was told by my dealer and Roland is "top of the line" and "ready to make me money"

    I feel they should give me the inks because the upgrade is actually what I was told I was getting in the first place!

    If what they sold me originally was fine, why did they have to make new inks? The answer is the original ink was half baked when they released it, so they messed it up and I gotta pay for it? Not really fair.

    Just the simple fact the tru vis printer with original ink is not suitable for printing wraps And Roland and my dealer both told me otherwise I think is enough reason for them to supply me with the new inks.

    I got an email today telling me the original ink will soon not be available and I will be forced to change, also they will no longer be supporting my printer with the old ink, so I guess if I pay them more money I will finally get what they originally promised I was getting.....not happy and it doesn't seem fair.
  10. CanuckSigns

    CanuckSigns Very Active Member

    Nov 11, 2008
    The whole tru vis "experiment" is a joke, nothing but Roland releasing untested technology on their customers to do the R&D for them, on their own dime. We had nothing but issues with the 3 that we had, Roland had absolutely no solutions, just excuses. Luckily we had a great dealer who finally decided enough was enough and bought the printer back from us, even though Roland was not going to reimburse him for it.

    I wasted tons of ink and vinyl on my machines, as did the tech, Roland never once offered to pay for any of this, tons of test printing on my media with my ink to diagnose their issues.

    Never again Roland!
  11. petepaz

    petepaz Major Contributor

    Feb 14, 2007
    we went two years with little to now issues and then all hell broke loose. our dealer covered everything and after a long drawn out process and a lot of down time they have everything converted to the T2 ink, software and firmware and it's been about 6 weeks give or take and things are running smooth.
    i agree this truevis venture was not handled properly by roland. we have always bought rolands (6 over the last 19yrs with 4 of the originals still running) and never any huge issues but this was a mess

    side note - i have some unopened truevis original series inks if anyone wants to make an offer on them
  12. Solventinkjet

    Solventinkjet DIY Printer Fixing Guide

    Aug 2, 2011
    Denver, CO
    I think the decision to lock people out of service mode is going to come back to haunt them. It's an obvious ploy to monopolize the service calls. No independent techs, no DIY fixes, only Roland. Why would anyone buy a machine they can't fix?
  13. Mainframe

    Mainframe Very Active Member

    Seems like some of their techs should be locked out of service mode, not us LOL!
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