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Tradeshow Panels

Discussion in 'Roland' started by adamfilip, Aug 15, 2009.

  1. adamfilip

    adamfilip Member

    Apr 28, 2009
    my company uses a custom framing system for our tradeshow panels
    currently we use 6mm Sintra Pieces that are router cut.. and these get assemled together. to make the booth or wall or whatever.

    these 6mm panels are either direct printed on a flatbed or we apply vinyl from our VP-540

    I would like to get away from using 6mm sintra, tried going to 3mm sintra but sometimes we cut large holes in these panels for tv mounting holes and it makes it flimsy.. and they can crack easily is mishandled

    I was thinking of going to a polycarbonate material of some kind
    like the Neschen easy panel.. but it only comes in widths of 36" and our panels can be up too 47" wide

    we currently do not have a laminator.. but this will change in the near future. with a Seal 62 Pro I hope

    my goal is to find a material that I can print directly too on my VP-540 and then Lamiante with a scratch resistant Tradeshow Lam..

    needs to end up rollable. but fairly rigid.

    anyone have any products or suggestions??

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