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Uh oh.

Discussion in 'Mutoh' started by os101king, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. os101king

    os101king Active Member

    Heard an odd sound the other day while printing. I had just started having problems with saturation, and was fiddling with my output profiles to correct. Hadn't switched materials or anything, but had been trying out some prints in greyscale.

    So, I get back to color and find that my Magenta is only half-heartedly firing. I did a nozzle check and it's all there, but faint. Tried checking all my settings, I'm using a profile for the 3651 I'm using, made sure the temps were up on platen and dryer (it was teetering on 55 degrees inside yesterday, with all heaters on and blaring) and still the same. I figured I might as well try the direct approach so I made a 100% magenta circle and sent that to print. It's orange.

    In the middle of the "figuring out" process, I heard that sound.... I checked the vinyl and there was a TINY piece of something.... it seemed like sand, but sharper. I mean tiny like a fraction of a millimeter tiny. There was a little bit of black ink and a slight wrinkle in the material where I found it. Cleaned it off, checked things out (the sponge tray was very slightly cocked up..) and ran again. Nothing had changed, still printing everything super light on the magenta. Only reason I didn't call tech at that point (other that it was 4:30 on Friday) was that my magenta cart was at about 12%.

    So, the printers just over 2 years old. I'd say I run thru a set of inks about once a month or slightly more, and that level of production has been steady since I bought the machine. No major maintenance has been done, nothing other than routine cleaning. I did notice, however, that while I was in the middle of test printing that ONE of the magenta ink tubes looked like it was either empty or full of black ink. It has since changed color back to magenta, but no go on the printing of it.... I'm going to run a couple more tests today then call a tech on tuesday.

    And ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, have a great weekend, guys (and gals)!:beer