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why there is no flash on iphone or ipad

Discussion in 'General Chit-Chat' started by The Vector Doctor, Apr 29, 2010.

  1. The Vector Doctor

    The Vector Doctor Very Active Member

    Aug 15, 2005
  2. animenick65

    animenick65 Very Active Member

    May 18, 2005
    Boston, MA
    He is absolutely right. Flash was developed for use on desktop computers. Heck, it has trouble running on laptops without draining the crap out of your battery or burning your lap. It has no place on mobile devices unless they can design a mobile standard from the ground up.
  3. MachServTech

    MachServTech Very Active Member

    Sep 19, 2008
    North Carolina
  4. tanneji

    tanneji Member

    Dec 3, 2008
    I find it funny that Apple keeps going after the companies that helped to make them. Adobe made Apple THE DESIGN COMPUTER and now they are going out of their way to say how bad Flash sucks. They integrated so tightly with Google on the iPhone and now they are telling google to beat it as well and are actually looking at teaming up with Bing (Microsoft) in future iterations of the iPhone. If Adobe suddenly started making terrible versions of Creative Suite for Mac Apple's computer business would take a big hit ... but they always have that iPhone, iTunes, etc market to fall back on.
  5. Dice

    Dice Active Member

    Jun 23, 2008
    Flash is not on the iphone or iPad because apple wants to protect their apple store, plain and simple. It's a money matter and Apple is a Sell out. Adobe has already developed a player for mobile but apple refuses to install it.
  6. Tim Aucoin

    Tim Aucoin Very Active Member

    Flash is old... plain and simple. Who really needs flash any more? Oh... the PC users, that's right! :doh:
    2009 has come and long gone! Don't get me wrong, I use Adobe products daily and my business depends on them, but I have to agree with Apple on this one!
  7. TheSnowman

    TheSnowman Major Contributor

    Aug 28, 2007
    I saw on his Twitter the other day...SteveJobs: Microsoft can kiss my apps.

    I thought that was great.
  8. thewood

    thewood Very Active Member

    Dec 28, 2005
    I had to chuckle at Jobs denouncing proprietary software.
  9. grafxxx

    grafxxx Very Active Member

    May 15, 2007
    watertown ma.
    adobe is working with android systems, now and plus apples does not want developers using flash to make there apps. this is why i chose to go with andorid
  10. javila

    javila Active Member

    Jul 30, 2006
    It'd be better if he just said "we can make more money without flash on our devices, than with it".

    That's the real reason for the shunning apple is doing.
  11. CES020

    CES020 Very Active Member

    Oct 16, 2008
    Bad mouth apple all you want, but just remember very few people have bet against apple and won. If Adobe would have gotten off their high horse and pulled their head out the sand, it would all be fine. Instead, they forced the issue by digging in their heels and now look what it got them, people, and a lot of people, for the first time are talking about moving past flash into HTML5 and others to display media.

    So their own arrogance created the market against them. Somewhere, my bet is that there's a super arrogant VP somewhere in that decision.
  12. Joe Diaz

    Joe Diaz Very Active Member

    Wait a second, so it's Adobe's fault that Apple can't seem to figure out an effective way to integrate flash into it's products, when thousands of other hardware companies develop devices that can view flash? Keep in mind adobe hasn't changed their methods, Apple is the one making the changes. And it seems as though Apple is worried more about their needs than the needs of the people buying their products. Let the people decide whether or not they wan't to continue using flash. Don't try to make that decisions for your customers. And it is obvious that Apple buyers want flash. Otherwise this wouldn't be an issue. The only one displaying arrogance is the folks at apple.

    And I highly doubt flash is going "downhill" because of this turn of events, especially with their future partnership with google. And also you need to keep in mind that this effects Apple too. We know this because people have been complaining about the iPhones lack of flash support for quite sometime now. This hurts them. The iPad is a very appealing product for a person like me, but it's lack of flash support is one of a few reasons why I won't purchase one. I have to figure there are others out there that feel the same way.
  13. The Vector Doctor

    The Vector Doctor Very Active Member

    Aug 15, 2005

    I rarely use my iphone to look at websites, too small to read a typical page. Usually the best ones are optimized for phones and forego flash. I don't miss having flash on my iphone one bit. Flash has not been available ever and I don't think this is hurting sales too much.

    In the early stages I can see where the lack of flash is an issue for the ipad since it is more of an internet device than the iphone is due to large form factor. However, many websites are offering non-flash versions specifically for the ipad and potentially a glimpse of the future of the web
  14. artist4christ

    artist4christ Member

    Jan 22, 2009
    There are a couple reasons, control of the iPhone OS and iPad OS is one of the primary concerns. Apple wants to restrict as much as they can and still make the money. Performance is an issue and that is par tof the reason for the flash restriction. HTML5 maybe be the new tech, but it as well as flash has restrictions and isn't widely used by broswers and in order for HTML 5 to "be the future" it has to have support and that will take a while for browsers and the general public to get caught up.

    I am here nor there about it, flash is more capable than HTML5 for a lot of things, but that doesnt mean that HTML5 is a bad choice either.

    I see the benefit in both so why not support both until HTML 5 stats can catch up.
  15. Rick

    Rick Certified Enneadecagon Designer

    Apr 17, 2003
    Valle Vista
    I have friends into APP development and they agree with Steve Jobs, but they also agree that a customer should have a choice. One suggested a warning screen so the person can decide on whether to continue or not if performance was going to suffer using Flash...

    I don't know if Jobs is a genius or a mad man, but this is also interesting news a friend sent to me today....


    I would think competition in the pad market would be a good thing for the IPAD, it may be that that support for touch software on the Windows platform is still a little buggy.
  16. Jet Fast Printing

    Jet Fast Printing Member

    Sep 22, 2009
    That made me laugh a little too, isn't Apple one of the MOST proprietary companies out there? Not knocking them or their products since I don't own any.
  17. Robert M

    Robert M Very Active Member

    Jan 23, 2007

    lots more from both sides in todays Wall Street Journal
  18. CES020

    CES020 Very Active Member

    Oct 16, 2008
    Yes, that's what I'm saying Joe. Apple told them what needed to be done to run on their platform and they decided not to do it. Apple makes hardware. Without hardware, software is useless. If a hardware manufacturer says this is what we need from you, and you don't deliver it or work with them, then that's your fault.

    Adobe can fix this to run under Apple's guidelines, but they won't. So what's going to happen? No Flash for iphones, or ipads, and we'll see HTML5 and H.264 get bigger and bigger. So who lost? Apple? I don't think so. I think Adobe is the one that will lose in this.

    Just my opinion, I'm nobody special.

    Oh, this just in from Microsoft :

    So it's Apple and Microsoft not supporting flash as the playback method for video. So now all that think it's all Apple and their arrogance can expand that to include Microsoft as well
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