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Oct 19, 2020
Nov 12, 2007
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511graphix was last seen:
Oct 19, 2020
      did you get your vinyl rack yet?
    2. Newatthis123
      It's going really well, a lot of work but I'm surviving. Thanks for all the help.
    3. SWARTZ ME
      this swartz you request to be friends maybe you can help I trying cut pics with the cutter but it wont cut the image to look right take for instance a pic of a dirt late model when it cut is dose not look like the image of the pic I have vinyl express and photo shop still getting used to them I am new. the images in the computer cut ok but if us one that I have import or borrowed they don't cut right is it the type of image or is it me not working my programs right they guy I bought it off of said he would give me tech support but know has back out of that agreement. that sucks
    4. Newatthis123
      Thank you for your post, I just seen it now. I'll look into that cutter. I'm thinking I might get a better computer because this one seems to be slow whenever I run photoshop. I was wondering what you thought of vista, (that's what I have now) or if I should downgrade to xp?
    5. 511graphix
      not off hand I am kinda in the same vote! there's a couple of guys on here that are really good in making one off design's. one is fisher designs. and the other, I cant remember his name.

      business is weird around here I am getting the run a round with people. They come and see some of my work then I design something and then I never hear from them again. and when I give them a call. they are lik well were going to something diffrent and that other project isnt what we want to do. the latest customer wants me to come of with a logo design for magnetic door signs. but all I have is there name. and a breaf saying of " We call you back". no set colors, but the way their business card read. it sounds like their real estate. and that not right. ugg. anyways. I am happy that you got the gerber edge. I hope get to print like crazy. and make money LOTs of money LOL Later
    6. tntnuchia
      I've been busy. I found a "deal" on a gerber edge system so I'm trying to learn all I can on it. I know alot of people in this area and it seems to get better as the months go by and everyone begins to figure out that I make signs and graphics. Speaking of Race Graphics I have a friend that has a race team. Do you know where I can buy some good racing art?
    7. 511graphix
      na not yet. I desided to get a mutoh 1604 but still dont have the money. I move into a new market. with about 4 heavy hitters in the sign shop dept. I made friends with atleast one of them. and looks like I am going to be a freelance designer for them. and when they get race car orders. they'll send them to me. I am also tring to hit hard with the schools. mainly the one I graduated from. I am doing some work for the little league teams. and starting to build my contacts for local race teams. so I hope it looks good for the months to come. hey thanks for checkin in on me. hows everthing going on in your neck of the woods. Later Nick
    8. tntnuchia

      How is your business doing these days? Did you ever get the summa DC4
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    Owner/ Designer
    Work Description:
    I am a graphic designer in the field of vinyl graphic. We well be sooner or later, adding wraps and other
    large format printing needs
    Plotters & Printers:
    24" Panther
    Signmaking & Graphics Software:
    Coral Draw x3
    Dirt late Models. any kind of racing.. art, music, marching bands.


    Nick Dillow 511 Graphix:Sleeping:
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